The China Business Network of South Australia (CBNSA) was formed in 2012 to assist the community of South Australia in developing Chinese business relationships.

Led by a volunteer Management Committee, CBNSA works on behalf of all its members to:

  • Promote business between South Australia and China;
  • Facilitate business networking between members;
  • Support South Australian Government business initiatives with China; and
  • Help young professionals, entrepreneurs, business people and new migrants to develop business contacts, knowledge and skills.

CBNSA’s main activities include:

  • Organising workshops, panel discussions and seminars;
  • Holding networking events;
  • Hosting keynote speaker and briefings by experts;
  • Organising trade delegations, conferences and business visits;
  • Business referrals and promotion of member companies;
  • Helping new Chinese migrants and young graduates developing a local network; and
  • Community liaison and dissemination of information.

CBNSA is a not for profit organisation and derives its income from membership, events, sponsorship and donations. CBNSA donates a percentage of its income to charities in South Australia and China each year.

Please contact us if you are interested to become a member, by email info@cbnsa.com.au



  • 推广南澳与中国之间的商业往来,
  • 提供会员们之间的商务联系机会,
  • 支持南澳政府与中国之间的商机倡议, 和
  • 帮助年轻专业人士,企业家,商人 和新移民发展商场上所需的人脉,知识和技巧。


  • 举办工作坊,答问大会和专题讨论会,
  • 社交活动,
  • 安排专家演讲,
  • 主办贸易代表团 ,会议和商务考察,
  • 为商联会员作商务转介与推广,
  • 协助新到埗的中国移民和留学生建立本地人际网络,进行社区联络和发布资讯。