Jim Stylianopoulos

Jim Stylianopoulos

Having been brought in Real Estate and personally been working in the industry since 2000, DS Real Estate was established in 2010. We are a fully independent Company that provides a fantastic service and professionalism to all our clients when servicing their property interests.

Specializing in:

Residential: Houses, Units/Flats, Investments, Deceased Estates, Apartments, Town Houses, Land, etc.

Commercial: Shopping Centers, Pubs/Hotels/Motels, CBD Buildings, Group Of Shops and Investments, etc.   Industrial: Whare Houses, Land and Investments, etc.

Rural: Farms and Horse Studs, etc.

Major Developments: Acreage, Rezoning, Planning and Approvals, etc.

House and Land: Planning, Holiday Apartments, Short Term accommodation, etc.

Business For Sale: Shops, Fast Food, Car Wash, etc

DS Real Estate has recognized the importance of International and Foreign Investors who seek opportunities to build their property portfolio thus having a great relationship between both parties which will continue to grow.

For More Information:
Telephone: 0421 282 812
Fax: (618) 8355 4815
RLA:262 018
Email: jim@dsrealestate.com.au
Website: www.dsrealestate.com.au